About Me

Welcome to my online portfolio!  I encourage you to review all of the sections of my portfolio to learn more about me, my skills and experience, as well as how I can contribute to your school’s mission.

I am a certified elementary teacher with a Bachelor’s degree from High Point University.  My undergraduate focus was elementary education with a minor in special education.  For the past four years, I have been a second grade teacher in New Jersey.  This year, I will be a media specialist servicing grades K-6th in the Wallington School District, and I will be finishing up the Master’s of Educational Technology program at Ramapo College of New Jersey.  I thoroughly enjoy using technology in the classroom as well as in my personal life, and I am very excited to further my knowledge in the realm of educational technology.

My Kinder class in York School, Fuzhou, China.

My Kinder class in York School, Fuzhou, China.

In addition to teaching, I am extremely passionate about traveling the world.  In June 2011, I moved to China to teach English.  I was employed by York School of Foreign Languages in Fuzhou, China where I was faced with the challenge of communicating with my students in an effective manner.  Many of my students had never heard or spoken English before.  It was such an incredible, eye-opening experience, and I hope to share my knowledge of the world with my future students.

In order to prepare for a future in a 21st century society, I believe that students must broaden their thinking and knowledge of cultural ideals from around the world.  I would love to promote cultural awareness within my classroom as well as within the school.   Likewise, I strongly believe that participating in community service helps students understand their connection in the community at home and at large.